Monday, September 5, 2016

Vignettes by Me, on Themes Picked Randomly: Day Five

Theme 276: Whats for Dinner?

The chef and the owner’s wife reconnoitered in the supply closet behind the kitchen while the owner looked over the week’s returns and debated with his manager in the office upstairs. 

The owner had entered the restaurant with his wife just after closing. He had asked her to remain in the kitchen, to which she had replied, “I think I’ll ask the chef to whip something up for me, if you don’t mind.” In doing so, she had locked eyes with the chef behind the counter, a tall young man with an aquiline nose who perennially rode his Schwinn to work. The chef had returned her look with a familiar smile curved with cupidity.

“Fine,” the owner had said as he turned to climb the stairs with a labored grunt.

In the closet, the owner’s wife could feel the cool stainless steel of the wobbly cabinet table on her skin, since she had hiked her dress skirt up, allowing the chef to hook his forefinger under the hip-joint of her underwear and tug.

“Tell me,” the owner’s wife requested, grasping the chef’s nape in her slender digits, “what do we have on the menu today?”

“Well, madame, let me first tell you about our appetizers,” the chef said, guiding the auburn ribbons of her hair behind her ear. “First we have two of the finest, most delectable little lobes I have ever personally tasted—if you will allow me.” He put first her left and then her right ear gently into his mouth, causing her neck hairs to prickle and her buttocks to clench. “But let us not forget this dainty button chin—and this creamy neck.”

The owner’s wife pulled on the chef’s belt buckle while swerving her head out of the trajectory of his mouth. “Very good! But for the main course?”

The chef, in one neat motion, unzipped the entire length of the back of her dress. “Oh madame, we have such a wonderful variety of options for your pleasure today.”

The pair then heard a creak of floorboards above them. The owner’s wife laughed breathlessly and whispered, “Well, let’s get to it then—chop chop!”

Explanatory Postscript: When I say “picked randomly,” I mean picked from a Master List that I’ve compiled of 999 themes intended to serve as creative writing prompts (from the following sources: 501 Writing Prompts; 25 Creative Writing Prompts; Examples of Themes; List of Themes; 365 Creative Writing Prompts; 100 Themes Challenge Writing Prompts; List of Journal Ideas; and Top 10 Types of Story Themes). To pick a theme at random, I roll three ten-sided dice (the first for the hundreds place digit, the second for the tens, and the third for the singles) and find the theme under the number I have rolled. If I hit a theme I have already written on, I roll again. If I ever roll 000, I make up a theme. The Master List is a secret, so don’t ask for it.

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