Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Politics of Horse Thieves: A Syllogism

1. Fascism is government by criminals.

Fascism is what happens when criminals attempt to rationalize their criminality through the apparatus of the state. There is no fascist ideology, no fascist set of principles, other than crime enabled by state power. Corruption, fraud, extortion, theft, torture, murder, rape—fascism has no other content, no other meaning than the will to crime of con artists, gangsters, thugs, and murderers who have dressed themselves up as statespeople.

2. Fascism within a state is a symptom of unchecked crime.

When fascists gain power within a constitutional democracy, it can only be because that state has systemically failed to hold a group of criminals to account. It can only be because the state's democracy itself is failing by allowing a criminal class to go unpunished, thereby permitting criminals to leverage their criminal power into state power.

3. The unchecked crime of our own state, and of global capitalism, is white collar financial fraud at the highest level.

Today the unchecked criminal class is the coterie of fraudulent financial firms and billionaires that caused the 2008 crash and that continue to siphon off state funds with no repercussions.

4. Ergo, our newly elected billionaire fraudster, fascist president, Donald*.

5. Ergo, the global surge of fascism, which is a symptom of liberal democracies’ systemic failure to hold plutocrats to account for their crimes.


*An April 5th, 2016 New York Times article ("Donald Trump Settled a Real Estate Lawsuit, and a Criminal Case Was Closed" by Mike McIntire) describes a case in which part of the terms of the settlement were that the plaintiffs were to state that they did not wish to participate in a criminal investigation into the same fraud charges their suit had been brought on, the result of which is that the criminal investigation was closed-- and nota bene, if a criminal investigation had gone ahead and resulted in charges, Donald would not now be president-elect:

"And hovering over it all was a criminal investigation, previously unreported, by the Manhattan district attorney into whether the fraud alleged by the condo buyers broke any laws, according to documents and interviews with five people familiar with it. The buyers initially helped in the investigation, but as part of their lawsuit settlement, they had to notify prosecutors that they no longer wished to do so.

"The criminal case was eventually closed."

This is how the super-rich get away with committing crimes that the rest of us would go to prison for.

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